So I haven’t actually been on this tumblr in months and months, and I went ahead and made a new one, ‘cause it’s much easier-just starting over.

If you’d like to follow it-or talk to me there-my new username is we-are-fish-and-we-drown.

If you don’t wish to follow it, that’s fine. I’m leaving this here as a farewell message. I’ve had several good friends on this blog and I hope to have even more on the other one.

Missed you all.



“Alien Life Cycle, Da Vinci Style” Art by Elkin Salamanc

Photo, Styling &amp; Make-Up by Danielle Nolan
Model: Abi


A Schizophrenic suicide.

things don’t always get to me but this got to me

 make the voices stop

Pierce the Veil by clarekim on Flickr.

Say “Tuna!”

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